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Oldschool Heavy Metal plain-vanilla, loud, brutal and aggressive.

and sometimes played unplugged :-)

Raptor200 - The Age of Scare - Album on, Google, Apple and as boxed CD

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It was one of those ice cold nights in january 2015 when Claudia Jusits got a phone call well past midnight from a certain Gerhard Kollmann, guitarist, telling her, he´s in a Metal band with his daughter Lisa on drums and that they were urgently seeking for a vocalist. A first rehearsal was soon arranged and after about twentyfive seconds we three were more that convinced that we had to make music together.

It had to be metal, there was and still is no other way. 

After some naming and renaming we chose mainly for phonetic reasons RAPTOR 200, "200" stands for 200 bpm, as it turned out during the first rehearsals - this pace suits us very well. The next few weeks saw us constantly establishing the characteristic RAPTOR 200-style, fast, direct, straightforeward, reminding the former light-heartedness of Heavy Metal. Compared with that it was quite tedious to find the right bass player. Mike Klement, who also produced our first demo-recordings in 2016, see, seemed to be the right one. Although we all still like these recordings very much, Mike and RAPTOR 200 decided to quit. So we remembered that bass player Gerald Ulbert we met at a music-workshop we attended. The man was mainly noticed by tons of equipment he had with him using it in an impressive way. Maybe we had to talk him a little bit into this, but finally he joined the band in 2017.

Once again untiring efforts on rehearsing and songwriting but then both unfortunately and fortunately we lost our drummer Lisa because of baby Moritz, who understandably claimed her full attention. It was her drum teacher Daniel Romstorfer, who recommended us one of his students, a smart young guy named Nicolas Pallauf, and luckily his drumming was a perfect match for the band. Finally complete again, milestones and highlights were our performance at the metal magazine "Stark!Strom!Festival", a RAPTOR 200-feature in the "Mulatschag-show" on Okto-TV, we were played several times in the "Addicted to Rock-show" on the rockradiostation "88.6", the recording of our first longplayer "Age of Scare". Last but not least the official presentation of the album took place in a furious show at "Reigen-live".

We had a great support from GoTV and had the pleasure to moderate a "local-hero "show.  Our official video, created by Horst Bilek,  was played several times on GoTV. A further medial highlight was the interview and videopresentation in "Kultur heute" on ORF.

"Age of Scare" contains nine songs full of energy and passion, Gerald´s precise bass lines together with Nicolas´ uncompromising drumming are an ideal foundation for Gerhard´s killer-riffs and Claudia´s voice as the in the best sense of the word evil completion.







Gerald Ulbert Bass Cello Chapman Stick






Raptor200 Video MAD ADVENTURE


stay tuned




Dec 6th
Dec 13th
Nov 22nd
Nov 13th
June 13th

Dec 7th
Sep 18th

 several Live Shows (Szene Wien, replugged, Open Airs)

several Airplays, thanks to 88.6 radio, OktoTV, MulatschagTV, Erste Bank&OeTicket for your Support

Radio: 88.6 Interview
TV: OktoTV Video
TV: ORF3 Kultur heute
TV: GoTV: local hero
TV : GoTV: Video Premiere "Mad Adventure"

Radio: 88.6 Interview
TV: OktoTV Mulatschag - Live

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